The blogs that started it

As I mentioned in my last post, it was stumbling across some blogs which started me off on the process of reviewing and changing my habits. Below are my favourite discoveries so far, full of helpful tips and links.

Moral Fibres
I think this is the blog that really made me think living in a more environmentally sound way was not out of my reach. Started to dispel misconceptions and show that sustainable living can work for everyone, it’s written in such a friendly and non-preachy way that I read through about 25 pages of posts in a day as I just found it so interesting. Every week, there is a great ‘Ten Things’ post which always has some thought-provoking articles and new stories, (along with some more lighthearted stuff too!).

Favourite post: Make your own chemical free cleaning products 
I’m really intrigued to try the bathroom and kitchen cleaner (one day…), and once I’ve mastered those may even get her book, Fresh Clean Home.

The Conscious Edit
A lifestyle blog focused on conscious consumption and slow living, with lots of advice on how to approach changing your habits.

Favourite post: The art of waiting in a fast-paced society
I consider myself a pretty patient person, and found it really interesting to read about how our 21st century lifestyle has changed our expectations.

The Sustainable Edit
An ethical fashion blog with lots of recommendations and posts on beauty, gifting and lifestyle too.

Favourite post: Why I’m switching to green beauty
This (along with the post by Content Wellbeing that is linked) really made me think about what’s in my makeup bag, and how I’d never paid attention to the ingredients! Definitely an area of my life I’ll be reassessing over the next few months.

Sophie Benson
A sustainable fashion blog with strong opinions that really bring the realities of our consumption into focus.

Favourite post: Giving a fuck can be exhausting
As I said in my last post, I was quickly overwhelmed by the information and effort needed to have less of a negative impact. It was great to read an honest post about this not being easy, and the part about the onus being taken away from governments and big business really got me thinking.

Curiously Conscious – Ethical Blog Directory
While it’s not a blog I’ve written about, it is one I follow and in particular I loved her Ethical Blog Directory. Going through the different links and themes really helped me figure out what I found interesting and wanted to learn more about.

This list is by no means extensive, and I’m definitely on the look-out for more people with thought-provoking opinions and useful advice in this area, so recommendations are welcome!


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